Avenue 5:
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Online....Last minute Comps
and CleanUp. Technicolour (Lon)

Black Mirror 2017-20:
Ep 1-6

Compositing & Clean up.
Technicolour (Lon)

drac img

Dracula BBC:
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Compositing & Clean up.
Technicolour (London)

Vigin Media Sofabear: Mill

Background fixes, Bear slimmed, fur smoothed. etc

Muller Corner: Framestore

Not that memorable

Samsung 3d Tv: Mill

Tv Commercial
Public Wowed by supersized lifelike 3d TV's.

The Mill: Hair & Cosmetics

The original Beauty work

Food Beauty: Nice Biscuits

Food needs love too

This also comes under Beauty:

Facial Prostetics never fit well
Physical and Facial Enhancement is required

Upbeat Yog Drink: Nice Biscuits

Elements shot separately, craftily combined

Nature Valley: Nice Biscuits

Jolly Commercial. Dog enjoys crazy car ride. Comps and Clean Up.

Audi: Mill.

Hero Blue Screen Car drives thro' funky BG, looks CG, actually 2D

Period Drama: 2020

Image represents all period drama
Gentleman Jack, Vanity Fair, Pale horse, Granchester, Singapore Grip, Whitehouse Farm, etc

Technicolor: Poldark 2017-19

Comps and cleanup

vict img

Victoria Episodes: 2017-19

Compositing & Clean up.
Technicolour (London)

Dinotopia: Framestore

Big 90min Tv film of talking dinosaus
Extensive compositing, set extension, 3d intergration, clean-up. Click and enter 'dinotopia'.


Another one for the Oldies
Bob Hoskins was the face of BT for years, i did these at MPC

C4 Ident

Yes, i'm that old, i did these at MPC

terminator img

Terminator Genisys: 2015-18
+ Other LolaVfx Projects

A welcome return to Film effects done on Autodesk Flame, helping in Arnie's time travel scenes.

Harry Potter III could be IV:

...Autodesk Flame..

Bond:MPC Film

The one with Halle Berry, 3D Comps + Clean up

Maccabees: Hogarth Worldwide.
Camera is continually moving 'through' people and objects. Youtube verdict is that the young people like it.

Little Mix:
No one has the money for promos anymore so this one is pretty old

And Finally, a mention to all the unsung heroes, the clean-up and changes that never make it to the showreel..No matter how tricky..see next..

The On-going & Continual Versioning too numerous to list.

Phone/TV/Fab/Tab screen replacements

Many..Many..Screens This one from Black Mirror 'Nosedive',
almost every shot had a screen